Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 27, 2011--Spring Break

Today was officially the last day of spring break. Thank Goodness!! I love my kids and love spending time with them, but when its time for them to go back to school, I get really happy.

The kids were out of school from the 21st to the 25th. Now if you add in the weekends, that would be no school from 19th-27th. Do I even need to explain the joyous amounts of fun that can be held in that many days? However, we spent the entire time here at home...thrills. True insanity and chaos reigned and I was not the queen in control of it all, but a mere jester on the side being laughed at. *face palm*

There is one thing to be said about having six kids in the same house....CABIN FEVER!!!! Luckily the weather did allow us to go outside some and if the wind had not been blowing like crazy, it would have been great. Its hard to take the younger ones out when it feels like the wind is going to literally rip them out of your arms and carrying them off. Brenden HATES wind blowing on him, so it was a no-go on getting him outside any. We kept taking out outside breaks while he slept, but it almost never failed that the dang sun would hide behind the clouds, not giving us the full warming effect that we wanted. No direct sun+wind="brrrrrrrrr".

I would like to note that we DID get the garage looking pretty good. I still have toys out there to go through, but at least everything is not everywhere. Plus Augi's drum set has a nice big area to itself. Once the weather warms back up, it should only take a good weekend to get it all cleared out so we can get the car in there too.

My blog writing had to take a back burner when they were home. It should be noticed that I haven't written in the past few days. This would be due to the fact that the temp dropped once again, keeping them all in the house, giving me not anytime to myself. I am lucky right now because I sent them to bed....oh and the fact that Patrick is sleeping.

Now that school starts back tomorrow, we will not have anymore long breaks from school again until Summer. Summer will be nice as the baby will not be so immobile, it'll be warm outside, and we'll be able to take walks to the park. At least, this is what I hope, but knowing my luck, what probably won't

(pictures added later)

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