Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21, 2011--Sleep

Sleep, you never realize how wonderful it is until your not getting much.

I haven't had a decent nights sleep in 5 years. One full night of straight, glorious, uninterrupted sleep. For the past 5 years I've either been pregnant or had a baby, and for a few months, both. Currently I have a 4mth old who likes to wake up to eat at least once, an 18mth old who wakes up once/twice to scream, and an almost 3yo who wakes up to play. Oh the funness of it all.

Last night was no exception to my no sleep routine. First it Brenden, then Justice, then the dog, then Brenden again, then Wyatt, back to the dog, then August (he got up to pee), then Wyatt again, and then Justice. It was at this point I just said screw it and got up. That is how it is almost every single night. I feel like the boys plot out to tag team to keep me awake. The dog, well, she's a dog and can't let herself out to go pee.

I will tell you who did get sleep though, yup, thats right, Patrick. As a matter of fact, he's sleep asleep. He almost always gets a decent amount of straight sleep. Which is fine, my butt will be napping during the day while he's watching the hoodlums. Its not fair, not in the least. Maybe I should stomp around like toddler and pitch a fit. Oh wait, I do on mornings I've not slept at

I will say there are some mornings when I've had maybe an hour of sleep that I am a complete B! What do you expect though? Am I really expected to be extremely happy and act like the house is a sea of sunshine and flowers? Umm..sorry, not happening. I will be grumpy, moody, and b-y all I want. Luckily right now I'm none of the above...earlier I was extremely grumpy, but I've cooled off since all the kids are up except Brenden.

*sigh* Is it naptime yet?

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