Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 22, 2011--Six Kids

Children, they bring laughter, joy, love and worry to a mothers heart.

I am often asked "How do you do it?" in regard to having six kids. Often=multiple times daily. I've been referred to as "super mom" and "super woman" more times than I can count. It seems that everyone is curious/envious on how I handle it all and still manage to have my sanity. I usually reply with joking answers like "Two words--Jack Daniels" or "Duct Tape", but the truth is, its not as hard as people seem to think.

First time parents with their first child are often more stressed than a parent with many kids. When a parent has their first, their life all of a sudden changes. Their life routine takes a sudden 180 degree turn and they have to learn how to compensate for that change. They are trying to figure everything out from feedings to sleeping. Now lets throw a second child into the mix, now they've got to figure out how to manage their time as a parent with two kids, who often, have two very different schedules in the beginning. Add a third child, things are different, but you have a great understanding of how to adjust your life to function with having another baby around. It is at this point, adding more children really doesn't upset the balance of your life too much.

I think the hardest part about it all right now is the sleep issue. I tough it out because I know that they do EVENTUALLY start sleeping at normal times. The other issue is making sure they each have their own space to isolate themselves into they need it. It can be difficult to convince a 2yo to leave their 10yo brother alone because he just wants some silence. Now, there can be other challenges to figure out, but nothing to really stress over too much.

Things around here are chaotic from day to day, but the words "organized chaos" applies. I am lucky that while I do have a lot of kids, that my two oldest are 6 and 7 years older than my younger four. They come in handy to help keep things in motion...definitely two saving graces.

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Samantha said...

Great way to put it Tonya! Very well said.