Thursday, March 24, 2011

March 24, 2011--Heaven

Blonde jokes can't be serious can they?

Let me introduce you to my oldest child, my first born, my introduction into motherhood, Heaven. Heaven is a very book smart kid. She can write some of the most amazing stories, passes her tests with high flying colors, and is just a lil brainiac. She is also in our G/T program at this school. However, she is also one of the dumbest smart kids I know. I don't mean that in a bad way, I just mean she can be the TRUE definition of a blonde girl sometimes. She can be extremely ditsy some days, so much, you think the blonde jokes were written just for her. I will never understand how someone so intelligent can be so "blonde". I do say that with love.

I am very proud of this kid though and do not ever doubt it. She has been a great gift and a joy to have in my life. She has so much eagerness to learn, to improve, to just be the best at all she can. She gives me hope for the next generation.

I think one of my favorite things about her is that she has a voracious hunger for reading. She'll devour book after book in such a short time period and come out wanting more. It warms my heart to know that she loves reading as much as I do. She also has the same interest in storylines, which is great so that I can read what I buy her. I believe that we could "forget" her at a library overnight and she'd be as happy as a lark....well, as long as we left her a snack too. Its great that kids today can still enjoy immersing themselves into books and forgetting the world of electronics around them.

Heaven is also a great sister to her siblings. She helps me a great portion of the time with them. There are times she will whine when I ask her to do something, but she'll do it. They all seem to love her and the younger ones call her "Hiya". The only bad problem about them wanting to be around her is that they do tend to annoy her to

The one thing about Heaven that ticks me off is her "11 going on 21" attitude. She knows it all as most kids do. She likes to roll her eyes a lot at me, like I am the dumb one. One day, she'll roll her eyes at me, and I'm going to knock those things out to watch them roll across the floor..lmao. Remember, I've said everything here with love..hehe.

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