Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 15, 2011-Justice

Children are amazing little humans. They grow so fast and absorb every bit of information you throw at them. They are also very manipulative. They know how to work you over and you don't even realize you've been had until its too late.

My son, Justice, is the most manipulative of my kids. He uses his cute cherubness to avoid getting into trouble and just getting his way. For example, he'll be doing something he KNOWS he's not supposed to be doing. I'll raise my voice to him, telling him to either go to his room or to sit down on the couch. He then makes this expression that would melt the coldest heart, opens his arms wide, say "Momma", then come running toward me giving some of the best hugs in the world. Now HOW can you get mad at that?!

Justice also has got the "pout" down to a perfection. When he's in so much trouble that the "hug" doesn't work, he works his puppy face. He lowers his head, puckers out that lip, sighs all pathetic like, and slowly makes his way to the couch. Its horrible how much that affects us..lol. We are such pushovers because when he does that, we have to hug him. We are pathetic that we left a 2yo have so much control over us.

My other children do not seem to have the power over us that their brother does (although Brenden's sad pucker face is enough to make the angels cry). I think its because Justice has a cherub face with golden curls that is so blindingly cute. We think that once his hair gets cut that he'll loose all his power...at least, we hope.

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