Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21, 2011--Isis

Evil comes in the form of little girls too.

Isis, my youngest girl and my drama queen. This child has the tantrum down to a science. She knows how to throw one heck of a fit. Of course, she never gets her way by doing this, but I guess it just makes her feel better knowing that she gave me another gray hair for the hour. There is not a day that goes by that she doesn't run to her room crying because she was told no...OH the horror. I'm not sure where she got it in her little head that she's supposed to get everything her way, because I sure as heck didn't suggest she was living at Burger King.

Isis starts K-grade at the school here this fall and I truly feel sorry for the teacher that pulls the lucky lotto I actually think she'll be better there than she is here. She asks DAILY "When I go school?" because she wants to go play with all her friends. She insists that all children her size are her friends. She's going to be mighty disappointed when she learns that not every kid will want to play with her over dramatic butt. I just hope she doesn't expect to be Queen Isis there...may god help her if she does...she'll be lucky to have any friends.

She is not always a spoiled brat kid though. There are a lot of times where she can actually be really loving. She'll help with the baby, hug and kiss on her siblings, and there are a lot of times you can find her hiding up Heaven's She plays really well with the boys over half the time. She also will make sure no one is doing something they shouldn't be...unless its her doing

She is definitely a girl who knows how to properly wear her halo on her

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