Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March 23, 2011--Brenden

"Ties that have been severed can never be healed." HAHAHA. I find humor in that for some reason. Perhaps its because my tubes were severed, parts were cut out, and yet, they still healed themselves. Thanks to my body's super healing powers, I now have Brenden.

Brenden, so far, there isn't a lot to tell about him. He spends his days eating, sleeping, and pooping. Oh, with the occasional crying because no one bowing to his allmightyness. Haha. I try to be up his butt as much as I can, but with six kids, I do have to spread myself out among them. He seems to disagree with having to share me, but will just have to deal with it.

I am currently trying to sleep train the lil' guy to sleep on his own at night. Its working, but its also back firing on me. He is getting where he'll only cry for a little bit when you put him to bed and then he will sleep for hours. The only issue is if he gets woke up, its hard as heck to get him to sleep next to me. It especially sucks because I can't put him back in the crib since Patrick is in bed by then. So then I have to get up and pray the he falls asleep in my arms so I can get the pleasure of going back to bed myself.

He is awake right now, chewing on his shirt, trying to carry on a conversation with his hand. Its apparently not responding with the right answers because he's getting pretty ticked at it. Wait, now he's yelling at me, as I am once again, not up his butt. I think he's saying how dare I be on the computer when he is right there wanting to be He can fuss all he wants right now, I just put him down before I started this, it won't kill him to entertain himself for another minute. Now if he puckers out that bottom lip into a sad face, well then, it'll all be over and I'll have to pick him up. His pucker is one of the saddest things I've ever seen.

You know, even though this little guy wasn't supposed to be in my life, I am glad he's here. He brings so much extra joy to our lives and makes it impossible to think of a life without him.

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