Monday, May 2, 2011

Rain Rain Rain--May 2, 2011

Rain is grace; rain is the sky condescending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life.
---John Updike

Rain, you know, its what happens when droplets of water falls from the sky. Sometimes they fall light, sometimes heavy. In big droplets, in small droplets.....its rain all the same.

Don't ask me how much of the wet stuff we have received as I wouldn't be able to give an exact number nor an estimate. I just know that it just keeps falling out of the sky, drenching everything there is outside, and flooding the land. I do know that we are lucky where I am at. We are currently not experiencing the mass flooding problems my hometown area is on the east side of Arkansas. Images of the flooding may be viewed here and here at Star Herald. Its amazing that one small droplet of water combined with millions of its friends can cause such devastation in the form of flooding.

I, only once, have been involved in flooding on a large scale. I want to say it was back in 1982 when we had to be evacuated in boats from my grandfathers house. I remember going from boat to boat to eventually where there was no more water. I then had to wait in my Aunt Lesa's car with her lassie dog for what seemed like an eternity. Its amazing what you can remember when something like that happens. If I am correct on the year, then I was only 4yo at the time, and everything that happened seems as if it was recent.

I guess in the grand scale of things though, even with all the chaos with the flood waters, everyone should still be thankful, especially with the influx of tornadic weather that has consumed the south recently. Loosing ones home can be devastating, but loosing a life/a loved one would be far greater of a tragedy. Material things can be replace, a life can not.

Even so, I do hope the rain stops soon. It seems that we are going to need the second coming of Noah if it doesn't. Of course, maybe this time more people would listen and be willing to board the ship.

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