Saturday, August 25, 2012

The injustice of a dog.

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”― Josh Billings

Like most of the US, I spent a good portion of my childhood owning a pet.  The majority of those pets were dogs and the majority of those dogs were pitbulls.  Sheba, Nikita, Max, and Rex..just to name a few.  They were some of the greatest dogs to have...very loving and very protective of us all.

These days, pitbulls are being by one.  You might say, "its because the breed is a killing breed", and then I'd label you an idiot, who knows nothing but what you are fed by the media.  While yes, it is true that there have been some members of the breed that have killed....its only a small portion of the breed as a whole.  A good portion of those dogs were raised by morons, people who would fight them to the death against each other....they were trained to be bringers of death.   What do you expect from a dog that has been brainwashed his whole life to be a killer?  It is because of these few, the rest have to suffer from human stupidity. I know some are going to bring up the pits who were raised from puppy and then turned as an adult dog.  Well, you give me one breed of dog that this NEVER happens with......... I'm waiting.

Every dog has the ability to turn on a person.  We only hear about the "vicious" breeds because they are the only ones that can really do damage when they bite.   ALL breeds of dogs will bite and have the tendency to be aggressive.  I have seen COUNTLESS little dogs (chihuahuas, terrier breeds, dachshunds..etc) display aggressiveness and their owners laugh it off. They laugh because most of these small dogs will not cause much harm.  Lets put a chihuahua in one room, a pit bull in another room....both who are acting like they want to tear a person put people to view each dog from a window.  The people in front of the chihuahua would be laughing saying things "haha, look at the big bad monster, he thinks he's a big dog".  The people in front of the pit bull would be shaking their heads, wanting the dog put down...saying things like "He's a killer".   

Its unfair...the way all vicious breeds are treated.  To destroy a group because the actions of a few is wrong and unjust.  I guess I shouldn't expect much better from the American race though.  Look at most of us...we have a group in a race of humans who commit horrible acts, and we have condemned the race as a whole.   Yet, when we have AMERICANS who go out and commit horrible acts, we condemn the individual person...because to say all americans are murderers, we would be calling ourselves evil.  

I do not understand why we expect animals to be better than humans.  We constantly say that we are the most advanced species on the planet, but we expect our dogs to react to situations better than we would ourselves?   An example...  you had received a pretty nasty cut on your side, one bad enough you had to receive a lot of stitches for.... you are going to be pretty sore.  Lets say that someone accidently hits that spot on you...what is your first reaction?  You are probably going to yell at them...and depending on the pain, you might even hit them back.  If this same situation were to happen with an injured pit...well, they can't yell at you to back away.  They can't tell you that hurt....they don't have the ability to verbalize that  into words.  What does a dog do...most of them will nip/bite back at you.  It is then that people get all up in arms over it, demanding that vicious dog to be put down.   Sad...just sad. 

I have a friend who had a pit bull that recently was ordered to be put down by a judge. The crime, she bit a child.  I never saw the injury, but from the information I was told, it was a small bite...probably more of a warning bite.  The pit was 8yrs old, she had no prior aggressiveness, loved everyone the same, was a kind and gentle dog.  The reason I believe she bit...she had recently been injured and her wounds were healing.  The dog was in her own yard, on a leash, playing with the kids, and one of the kids probably touched her in her injured area, it hurt, and she bit.  The parents of the child called the police and of course the dog had to be quarantined for 10 days.  Standard procedure.  Once the 10 days were up, they had to go to court...where the judge ordered the dog to be put down, or the owners to go to jail.  Now, here, I would have went to jail to fight for my dog...but they chose to have the dog put down as they couldn't afford jail time.    So, can someone tell me how a dog with no priors, in its own yard, on a leash, up to date on shots, that was healing from an injury and reacts by sending a warning bite...deserves to die?   It doesn't, if this had been a poodle, there wouldn't have even been a court issue over it.    I have heard that the judge orders the pitbull to always be put down, no matter what had happened.  If this is true, I do believe someone needs to investigate this judge. It seems he might have his own agenda against dog breeds labeled as vicious.

Its time for everyone who has a "vicious" dog breed to stand up and be their dogs advocate.  We can not allow this type of injustice to continue.  Be your dogs all dogs voice.  Demand fairness across the board!  If one dog gets put to sleep because of biting, then demand the same for all breeds.  DEMAND IT FOR CATS, too.  Demand that pet owners who train their dogs to be fighters and killers to be put behind bars!  Demand that owners who mistreat their pets to be put behind bars!!   TAKE  A STAND!  ADVOCATE!  Our pets deserve it...all pets deserve to be treated fairly!

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