Thursday, August 22, 2013


Life, it can change in a blink of an eye.  One second everything is smooth sailing and in next, rough waters are taking over your ship.  You try your best to keep everything a float, only you lose control and find yourself at the bottom of the sea.   You then wonder if you were the best captain that you could have been.  Did you chart your course properly?  Should you have set sail at a different time?  Should you have taken that left turn at Albuquerque?   Wait, there is no Albuquerque on the ocean.  Perhaps that is where you went wrong.

 This is currently my life.   I felt everything was going just as planned...then bam..the plans were torn to shreds and strewn all over the place.   I am beyond stressed and trying to maintain a strong outward appearance is killing me.On the inside I am shattered in a million pieces with no one in sight to help me gather myself together.    I am better than I was....I am no longer breaking a part.  The pieces can't break apart anymore than they are...  I am humpty, fallen from the wall, just waiting on being put back together. 

I am currently on the search for the glue to hold the pieces together.  Each time I think I have found the perfect strength...the pieces loosen and fall to the ground again.  Then once again search then starts all over.   I am hoping I find it soon.  I don't like being broken...I am ready to be whole again. 

One day at a day at a time.  I do know I will fix myself...I know I will.  I just need to find that darn glue. 

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