Sunday, July 22, 2012


During the course of our lives, we make various amounts of friends.  Now, usually these are people who you are in close contact with and live near each other.   However, sometimes, through different networks, you have friends who you'll never meet face to face in person, but who you hold to your heart so dear.

I have a group of friends who are all moms of July '06 kids and I also have a smaller group of friends who are moms of Dec'00 & Jan'01 kids.  Among both groups, a few of us have met each other in person, but the majority of the group hasn't met the majority of the rest of the group.  So technically...we are pretty much strangers....we are the closest group of strangers you will ever meet.

The best thing about our group...we are a no holds barred type group.  There isn't a single thing off limits to talk about and discuss among us.  Once you discuss what the consistency of what your mucus plug looks like as it is coming out, there is no line that can be crossed.  We've talked about our sex lives, any personal feminine issues, our love lives, our health, our finances, our families, and anything/everything else you can think about....even politics.  There is nothing to be ashamed to talk about with them...

You might think "doesn't that bring up a lot of petty bickering/drama/crazy competitiveness in between the group" and the answer is no.  We are a non judgmental group full of complete diversity who welcomes each other with open arms.  We have straight members, lesbian members, christian members, atheist members, democrats, republicans, single, married, rich, poor, tall, short, thin, plump, white, asian, black, brown, probably a blue member somewhere in the mix (lol), new moms, young moms, older moms, nymphomaniacs, prudes, blondes, brunettes, red heads, moms of one, moms of many, and raving nut cases (I belong in that one. ;) ).   When one of us is angry, the rest of promises to be an alibi. When one of us is happy, the rest throw streamers.  When one of us hurts, the others hurt.  If one of us suffers a loss, we all feel it.   If one of us is suffering a trial in their life, we bond together, offer advice, love, and anything else to help them overcome.

There isn't another group of women in the world that I would want to be friends with.  I appreciate these women with my whole heart.  I wish everyone else in the world got to experience this kind of friendship, love, and devotion.  If the rest of the world could act this way to one another as we do in our group....we'd be living in a land of peace, love, and happiness.....and days of sexual marathons...because apparently most of us are hornballs.  ;-)

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