Friday, June 15, 2012

June 15, 2012--Glutton for Chaos

I try to be a nice person.  I try to not loose it and keep my calm and my wits. However, when one has a house full with seven kids, a calm persona doesn't always happen.  It doesn't happen especially when one of those seven suffer from a severe entitlement complex.

Lets start from the beginning.  I am currently playing emperor to seven kids.  Yes, you read that right....SEVEN kids.  Yes, I lost my mind when I agreed to take on this task.  Now, only six of these kids are mine, the seventh, is my four youngest children's 10 (11 soon) year old uncle, Andrew.   He is here to let his mom have a break and to learn some respect.  

Andrew suffers from "world must revolve around me" syndrome.  To say he thinks he's entitled would be putting it lightly.  He has a superiority complex like no other.  He will talk down to you like you are beneath him and this is one of the reasons he is here.  I, unlike his mom, am not bound by a wheel chair and can get up to put him in his place when he gets mouthy.  I have no problems standing toe to toe with him to let him know that No, little boy, you do NOT speak to me in that manor.

I know what you all are thinking...WHY would I allow that much more chaos in my house.  Well, why not...I am a glutton for  Now, he's not like this all the time.  When he first arrived, yes, there were constant issues. He has since learned the throne he arrived on has been thrown out into the street, and I am the EIC (empress in charge) with the only throne in this house.  I do deal with petty crap from him all day, no different than my 12yo/going on 25yo daughter. He does have one big screw up a day though. It never least once a day he has to try to step on my toes......once a dang day.

Andrew is never happy.  If you think this is my fault, you'd be so wrong.  I do everything I can to keep him happy AND to keep things fair.  However, it always ends up being a Damned if I do, damned if I don't situation.  I'm almost to the point of saying screw being fair to everyone, even him, because he's going to whine no matter what anyways.   I know this is because he thinks he'll get to go home if he's whiny enough...haha..yeah, sorry, that'd be rewarding his behavior...NOT HAPPENING.

Now, my calm persona.....well, its on vacation till Andrew leaves.  I have an autistic 11yo child, a drama queen 12yo, a 5yo drama queen, then 4yo, 2yo, and 1yo you would think that playing warden to a ADHD kid wouldn't be too far of a stretch.   Yeah, well, hahahahhhaha... my patience is getting a work out like no other.  I am doing well though....I haven't duct taped him to a ceiling...yet. ;)   Now, normally when I'm having a stressful day with my kids, I tell myself "I wanted this many, and its illegal to sell them"......  well that saying doesn't quite work when one isn't   Now, my saying is "Breathe".  Just breathe...  I got through today and I will get through tomorrow...and I may end up in a white straight jacket before its all over.   BUT I will mold this kid into a respectable hoodlum if its the last thing I do!!  

For some reason, I feel like I should sign off here with saying CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hahaha.  However, I will end with this.  We take on challenges in life to not only strengthen ourselves, but to help strengthen others.  These challenges are not easy, they are not a walk through a park, heck, they may even been worse than taking a walk through hell.  We MUST may end up at the finish line worn, tattered, and exhausted..but will finish in better shape than we started out.   

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