Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7, 2012. Socks

May 7th, 2012

One day, someone is going to ask how my morning went.....and the flood gates of everything is going to open.  The stress of every morning for the past school year is going to come out in one big, run on blurt....and the one who initially asked, is going to run away screaming.

Every morning it has been the same thing..... a search party for socks.  If you have kids, you can understand how something as simple as socks can almost put you in a straight jacket, in a padded room.  Now of course, the school year didn't start out like this.  There was about 3 weeks of instant sock availability, you know, the new socks that had been purchased and stuck in their sock drawers.   Once those ran out, the morning chaos began.   You see, thats when the start of "where the heck is this socks mate?!?!?!?" began.   Yes, for some reason, finding the mate to socks is a near impossible feat.

I, at first, was blaming my washer and dryer for the missing sock...that perhaps there is a sock gremlin living somewhere in either one.  Maybe even one of the lil  green men from the secret world of O.G. was in there stealing the socks.  However, I think I've come to the conclusion that both the kids socks are not even making it to the laundry basket.  I do believe the kids are taking their socks off, throwing one in the trash and putting the other in the laundry basket.....just to screw with my head.  Yes, I think the kids are getting their thrills this way...this way they can claim innocence, but still be guilty as sin.  I do imagine my panic search at 6:30 every morning must be quite entertaining for them to keep up this game of "make mom go insane" to continue on for this long.  Now, I know what you are thinking..."Hey, why don't you find socks the night before"...and my answer, well, because I'm an idiot and never remember at

I only have to suffer through this for two more weeks till school is out.....thankfully.  Lets all cross our fingers that next school year, the kids find another game to play, because this one, is about to make me say screw the socks, and just forcing them to wear a box for a sock.

Socks, socks, where are the socks.
They are not in the toys, not hiding under the blocks.

Socks, Socks, where are the socks.
 I've looked every where, even outside under the rocks.

I've looked by the lake and checked all the docks,
I've looked in the woods and even checked under a fox.
I've looked in the swamp and even a family of crocs.

Socks, socks, where are the socks.
I can't find a single one, I even checked in our clocks.
I think we have a thief, perhaps its time to change the locks.

~Tonya Smyth~

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