Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December 2011

I'm discovering that each time I promise myself that I'll blog more, less I remember to do it.  The months keep flying by and I'm hanging on by a thread.  It seems crazy.

Its December, and well, December is almost over already.  2011 is almost coming to an end and the year 2012 will be here.  

First, December.  This is always a month full of mixed emotions.  Its a time of family togetherness, but also a reminiscence of those who are gone.  Whether they left us recently, or years ago, they hang out in our hearts and mind heavily this month.  We try to keep up our smiles, our laughter, our joy to not damper the spirit of the holidays, even if inside we are breaking apart like a dropped glass ball ornament.

This month symbolizes so many things to so many people.  Some people use it for the celebration of the birth of Christ, some use it to celebrate the spirit of giving with Santa, and others use it to trash others beliefs.  I've never understood the whole "Christmas" issue.   Who cares what someone else believes in...really.  No matter what you believe about the day, it should be a celebration of family.  Sure, some will say that family should be celebrated every day of the year.  Yes, that is true, however, due to everyone having such chaotic schedules, celebrating with family is difficult.  Plus, if you bought gifts for your family all the time, do you REALLY think they would be as appreciative?  I know most children wouldn't...  It is truly nice to have ONE day a year to celebrate with those you love....whether you spend it with your immediate family or extended family, or even friends.  (Thanksgiving is a celebration of giving thanks to what we have.....Christmas is a celebration of family/friends and just life...at least, in my opinion.)

Second, the end of 2011.  Wow, Already...  I'm a little in shock about it really.  Its getting harder and harder to keep the years separate as they seem to fly by as I get older.  This year, I'll remember a little more than others as this year was met with so many heartaches.   So many angels grew their wings this year.  Two in particular meant a whole lot to me and my family.   I believe Heaven grew 3x wide this year...  What I wouldn't give to just have this year start all over from the beginning....to get back things lost, even if just for a short period of time. 

I look back and reflect....to never forget those I love, and pull the memory of them into the new year.  2012, here I come. 

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