Saturday, April 2, 2011

April 4, 2011--Forever Angels

Children should never grow wings. They should be free to play and run on their legs and never have to learn to fly so early.

I have a hard time understanding child death. It doesn't make any sense to me why children have to leave the earth. I have experienced a few child deaths of children that knew, but only once have I had to go through it for a child that I cared for and I'm dealing with it right now.

There should be no reason my brother in law and his girlfriend has to go through this. NO REASON! Why should the hateful old bitty down the road, who hates everyone in the world live to a ripe old age, but yet a beautiful, innocent, sweet, precious child have her life snubbed from her way too early. IT MAKES NO SENSE!

People will try to rationalize child death and say "God needed them back with him, they were never ours to keep as he only let us borrow them" or pretty much a varied version of it. You know what though, that saying really ticks me off. I think anyone who says that really needs their head examined. You don't give someone a gift, a gift that brings great joy and love like no other. A gift that gives you every reason for being...and then rip that gift away from them. Thats called being an Asshole. Yes, I said it, God is an asshole. He has let all the power he possesses go to his head. God is nothing but a kid with a magnifying glass and we are all ants. When you have a beautiful child taken away soo early, but yet the asshole who has been allowed to live out all their lives making everyone miserable around realize, that God has no plan. His plan is to go "Eeny Meenie Minie Mo, this one is going to go" and then shines his magnifying glass on us.

Some might say that God is using this experience in life to "test our faith". I'm sorry, but there are a million other ways to "test my faith" than cause sickness in a child or take their life. Honestly, if that is the type of God we have, then WHY would I want to worship that. People who don't believe in God I understand now. If God was a just god, the innocent wouldn't have to suffer or die so young.

I'm tired of being a fish in a barrel, with a man standing above it, just pointing away and shooting. I don't care what others think of me after it is my opinion.

Poor baby girl Brooklynn. I never got to meet you, but I loved you all the same. Rest in peace baby girl. 8/09-4/11 :(

(no pictures as this is a public blog and I don't know how they would feel of me putting up a picture of their daughter here)

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