Saturday, November 29, 2014

Fairy Godmothers

Hans Christian Andersen once said that Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale. If he is correct then the question I must ask is Where is my fairy godmother. 

When life gets out of hand and spins spiraling out of control, are we not supposed to be assigned a Fairy Godmother?  Someone who will come along and wave her wand and set the world back right? Someone who will make all the bad go away..someone who will put a smile on your face again?  To help guide the lost to be found. 

I want my fairy godmother. I need her more than anything.  I have so many things going wrong in my life, so much chaos in my heart and my mind, I NEED my fairy godmother.  She needs to appear, to wave her wand, to change my clothes from the slums to a beautiful gown.  To make beautiful again.   To fill my heart with happiness and joy.  Where is she.  Why has she not appeared to me yet.  WHy do I not deserve a happy life. Why has she deserted me at a time I feel like I need her most.  I am lost in the desert, wondering around broken, just praying for my fairy godmother to guide me, fix me, and return me to where I am loved and my soul will shine the brightest.    Where is my fairy godmother to grant me my hearts greatest desires.  Please Fairy Godmother, please come help. I'm at the edge of my cliff and feel myself falling.   Please Fairy Godmother, save me.  

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