Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I feel lost...completely lost.   I feel that most people my age have a direction in life, a point in the distance they plan to reach.  They may not have a specific map, but they know where the end of their destination lies.   I, well I am wondering around in circles.   My compass is broke, the sun never rises and sets the same every day, the moon refuses to show itself from behind the clouds, and there is nothing to see but miles and miles of sand. 

Where is point of ending...or at least my point of being? Do I keep traveling in the same direction, trekking my way in the vast openness?   Do I turn left and see if my feet shifts more easily step by step? Or do I turn around, try to step where I've already been in hope to see if I've stumbled over my path but didn't see it the first trip. 

I'll continue on as I am...putting one foot in front of the other.  Struggling to finish my journey.

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